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UAN 32% Solution

What is UAN 32% Solution?
UAN 32% Solution is a nitrogen fertilizer solution composed of urea and ammonium nitrate. Approximately one-half of the N is from urea, and one-half is from ammonium nitrate. Nitrogen is available in three forms in UAN 32% Solution--ammonic, nitrate and urea. One-fourth of the nitrogen is ammonic, one-fourth is nitrate and one-half is urea. It weighs 11.08 lbs. per gallon, has a pH of approximately 7 and has a negligible vapor pressure. Each gallon of UAN 32% Solution contains 3.55 lbs. of N.

Does UAN 32% Solution have any other names?
Yes, it is also called Uran, Solution 32 and simply 32% Solution. It may also have other names in your area.

Are other grades of UAN 32% Solution available?
Yes, in some areas UAN 32% Solution contains 30 or even 28% N. This is done to prevent crystallization (salting out) in cold weather. UAN 32% Solution will salt out at 32 but diluting it to 30% N will lower the salting out temperature to 15 and further diluting to 28% will lower the salting out temperature down to only 1F.

On what crops can UAN 32% Solution be used?
UAN 32% Solution can be used on just about all crops. It is widely used for sidedressing cotton, vegetables, corn, beets and other crops. Sprinkler applied UAN 32% Solution is used for tree crops such as almonds, for cereal grains, potatoes and for many other crops.

How fast is UAN 32% Solution available to plants?
The nitrogen in soil applied UAN 32% Solution is rapidly available to plants. The nitrate portion (one-quarter of the total N) is immediately available as soon as it reaches the root zone. The urea portion (one-half of the total N) moves freely with the soil water until it is hydrolyzed by the urease enzyme forming ammonic nitrogen. After the hydrolysis of urea three-quarters of the total nitrogen is ammonic nitrogen and it is held to the clay particles in the soil and not subject to leaching. This ammonic nitrogen is available to plants. Ammonic nitrogen is converted to nitrate by soil organisms, usually within a few weeks after application.

Are there solutions in which UAN 32% Solution is a more efficient form of nitrogen than dry material?
Generally, dry and liquid nitrogen fertilizers will be equally available to crop plants. The efficiency of soil-applied nitrogen fertilizers is usually independent of the source of the nitrogen; adoption of Best Management Practices will lead to the highest efficiency in any system.
However, university studies have shown that foliar application of liquid nitrogen fertilizers such as UAN 32% Solution to wheat can be more efficient than broadcast applications of dry materials. The increased efficiency is due to foliar uptake by the plant which is more efficient than soil uptake of nitrogen.

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